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For a limited time, we are offering a complete, “Print-&-Play”, version of STRATIX™. This complete set of assets will provide up to 4 players with everything you need to get started playing for hours and hours of fun and excitement. The complete set includes The GAME BOARD, 84 PIECES, RECON PACK DECK, and INSTRUCTION MANUALS.

We will be updating this site frequently, and we will have some new versions of these print and play assets available very soon.

If you have access to a 3D printer or 3D Printing Service, then you’ll love our 3D Printable Pieces available for download HERE.


This is a 12 Page Manual with lot’s of pictures and easy to read text, laid out in a way that should be pretty easy on the ink. We reccommend printing 4 of these,on standard paper, so that all players have one each.

Print & Play: GAME BOARD

  • Here is a FULL-COLOR PDF
  • Here is a LOW-INK PDF
  • To be printed on WHITE PAPER or preferably CARD STOCK.
  • Print 1 copy of theentire document
  • We reccommmend using the “POSTER PRINT OPTION” if possible
  • Cut-Out following the outside edges of each image
  • Tape or glue all pages together using additional paper or poster board, We reccommend using a 3’x3′ poster board if possible.
  • Complete Board is 30″ X 30″


This is an example of a RED TANK Piece

This is an example of a LOW-INK TANK Piece manually colored green

  • 4 Sets (of 21 each) in RED, BLUE, BLACK, YELLOW
  • 84 Top-Fold profile/silhouette Pieces
  • Here is a COLOR PDF to be printed on WHIT PAPER or preferably CARD STOCK.
  • Here is a LOW-INK PDF to be printed on WHIT PAPER or preferably CARD STOCK.
  • Print 1 copy with COLOR PRINTER/INK
  • Cut-out, following outlines around each piece
  • Top-Fold each piece using glue or tape as neccessary
  • Fold Out bases at bottom of each piece; Add base if possible

We reccommend using tape or glue stick as needed and adding some sort of weighted base to the bottom of each piece.


  • Here is a PDF to be printed on YELLOW CARD STOCK.
  • Cut-Out as 3.5″ X 2″ (Business Card Size)

We recommend using pre-perforated business card stock in yellow if possible.

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